Ice, Ice, Everywhere…

iced-tree.jpgThe funniest thing happened today. You see, early this morning, it freezing rain started coming down and put this blanket of ice EVERYWHERE. The car was covered, the roads, the stairs, even each individual needle on the pine trees. So we went to church and afterwards we got in the car and went to drive up to the car port to pick up my mom. On a normal day, this task would have been effortless, with just a tiny incline that the van could handle with ease. Today, however, was much different. We backed out of the parking space and began our attempt at going to the door. No luck. We just sat there as the wheels spun and spun. We backed up a little more and gave it another try. Still nothing. Finally we backed way up and got a “running” start and at last we made it!

Isn’t our spiritual life much the same? On a good day, the incline we have to climb is effortless. Then the day hits that even the smallest task takes a running start to accomplish. Today is one of those days for me. So you could say that the weather fits my mood 🙂 God is still good and no matter what comes my way He is in control and all that I need.

I am currently reading a book for the Puritan Challenge called The Bruised Reed by Richard Sibbes. This book is ENTIRELY fitting for days like today. I got to the end of one chapter to find this written prayer:

“‘Lord, I believe,’ (Mark 9:24), with a weak faith, yet with faith; love thee with a faint love, yet with love; endeavour in a feeble manner, yet endeavour. A little fire is fire, though it smokes. Since thou hast taken me into thy covenant to be thine from being an enemy, wilt thou cast me off for these infirmities, which, as they displease thee, so are they the grief of my own heart?”

What a great prayer for a gloomy day such as this 🙂

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